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Streaming TV Service

The future is here, and it is Epic.

Choose the perfect package today and see how easy TV can really be!


35+ Channels

An economic channel package of our
local and regional networks.

Only $39.99/mo


100+ Channels

Includes Acclaimlite & Acclaimchoice
lineup in addition to premium
channels like

American Heroes Channel

Fight Network

Great American Country

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries



Only 94.99/mo


80+ Channels

Includes Acclaimlite lineup
in addition to many special interest
channels like:

Educational Channels

Family Channels

Gameshow Network

Spiritual Programming

Only $64.99/mo


Select, Prime, or Prime+

You can also get any one of our existing Skitter TV packages through Epic!

Why Choose Epic?!

We thought you’d never ask…

It Goes where You Go

Epic is a streaming TV service that runs on the ultra portable Fire TV Stick (or in browser), so you can take your service, including local channels, wherever you go, even outside KCTC’s service area!

Advanced TV features you know and love.

Watch Live TV, Record your favorite shows and events in the cloud for instant viewing later, and use Restart TV to rewatch any program in your package that aired in the last 72 hours!

Easy access anywhere there's internet

We’ve all been there, you want to rearrange your space, but there’s only one TV jack and it’s all the way across the room from where you actually want the TV. Let Epic free you from your hard wired shackles. All you need is Wifi and power!

Fire TV Stick: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Epic runs on an ultra portable Fire TV Stick, so you can get all your content in one place. You want to switch between your Epic service and Netflix? It’s easy, because there’s only one device. And if you’d rather not use a TV Stick, of course we still offer a standard Set Top Box for your Epic service!

The right package for you

Don’t worry about missing out. Epic has multiple packages to choose from, including live sports and local channels, making it easy to choose the best one for you!

Getting Started Guides: