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Meet your KCTC Board of Directors Candidates!


Steve Rich

Family: Wife – Jerilyn   Son – Rob, his wife. Tammy and grandchildren Ella & Tobias.

I graduated from WACO in 1972 and moved to Kalona in 1973 where I worked in the Water Well Industry for 20 years & also did maintenance and construction for 20 years.
I am now retired & I enjoy working outdoors, improving timber and planting trees,

From its beginning KCTC has been about serving the local community with local people providing those services. In recent years, KCTC has expanded into Washington and now Wayland to continue providing the latest technology services. KCTC is committed to providing these services to our rural Towa communities.  As a board member, it is my goal to help facilitate good business practices and continue to help provide our customers with up to date technology they need for their businesses and personal lives. KCTC strives to keep up with the latest technology.

Atlee Yoder

Family: Wife – Carolyn and two adult children & their spouses.

Carolyn and I are both Kalona natives. Over the years, I have been involved in the community on local boards and through various volunteer church positions. I have been the owner/operator of a cattle and row crop farm for 42 years.

I believe local cooperatives play a crucial role in providing services to a community.  They are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of the communities they serve and provide the best available products to meet those needs. Cooperatives have the ability to be nimble and responsive as technologies continue to evolve and needs change. Providing cutting edge products with responsive local service becomes the cooperative priority over corporate profits and efficiency at the customers cost. Member/customer dollars revolve in the community as well, through local employee wages, community initiatives, local taxes and patronage.

My hope as a director is to help facilitate the viability and vitality of our local technology provider. Finding ways to provide the support our local employees need as they install and service a growing network is a priority. I am interested in being part of a Board that gives oversight in order to bring affordable and superior broadband products to every member/customer of KCTC.


Lynn (Miller) Yoder

Family: Brian Yoder (husband), Josh Yoder and Rex Yoder (sons)

My dad was an IC firefighter, so I grew up in Iowa City. But I have lots of relation in the Kalona and Wellman area. I attended IMS for high school and met Brian shortly thereafter at the Kalona Slow-Pitch games. We married in 1988. Brian, and our son Josh, tend to our 5th generation farm on the outskirts of Kalona. Brian has lived in the area and farmed all his life. He often knows my relatives better than I do. He graduated from Mid-Prairie.

As a kid I never envisioned myself living on a farm on the edge of a small town. But I love it here! We have grandkids in school at Mid-Prairie Elementary and Pathway Preschool, and we enjoy attending all their events.Brian and I raised our family in the Wellman Mennonite Church, but we started attending East Union Mennonite in order to be more involved in the church lives of our grandkids.

I started college once my kids were in grade school. I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in mathematics and completed their Teacher Education Program. Then I got my Master of School Mathematics through Iowa State several years later.

I taught high school math for nearly 20 years – and loved it! Recently I decided to declare myself “semi-retired” so that I could spend more time with my grandkids and help out with their daycare needs. But still dabble in teaching through tutoring and may go back to the classroom someday.

I believe a locally based cooperative can serve the internet and technological needs of a small town better than a larger corporation, due to the fact that the citizens of the community are the members of the cooperative.

As a member of the KCTC Board of Directors, I’ll admit that I don’t know much about the telecommunications industry, other than as a consumer. But I am willing to learn. I will endeavor to bring the telecommunications needs of the community to the board as they arise. And I will assist the board in its decision making and activities in any way I can.