Auto Draft

with KCTC


Auto Draft is a FREE service offered by Kalona Cooperative Technology Company to make paying your monthly telephone bill a little faster, a little easier, and at no extra cost to you.

You still receive your bill each month to review, but you never have to worry about your payments again…

What is Auto Draft?

Auto Draft electronically deducts the amount of your KCTC phone bill from your bank account on the tenth day of each month no matter who you bank with! Your payment is made for you automatically. You still receive your monthly bill on the first, but it will say:

“Bank Deduct, Do Not Pay.”

There’s no check to write, no stamp to lick, and one less thing to do on your “to do” list.

What can Auto Draft do for you?

Give you peace of mind. You’ll know your payment has been made on time, every time. No more worrying, “Did I mail my check?” or, “Did it arrive on time?” With Auto Draft, you know it’s there. Auto Draft can help you maintain your good credit rating. Your credit history will reflect your prompt payments.

To sign up for Auto draft:

Call us at 319-656-3668 or stop in our office to sign up.


It’s that easy!