Chance Beachy



A little about CHANCE

Son of Merle & Marlinda Beachy, Chance grew up in Kalona. He left for a few years after graduating prior to him returning to work at KCTC. Of those years spent away, one was spent way away! Zimbabwe!

Here at home he enjoys being a Sales and Service Technician. The wide variety of tasks and jobs ensures that each day will be different from the next and that just happens to be his favorite part! “It’s a great place to work, all the different people you get to work with, both customers and coworkers. People come here because the KCTC team actually really cares about their customers and providing a quality service.”

He is very talented at learning and applying new technology, solving difficult problems is what he feels the most accomplished of while at KCTC. Providing highly praised monthly maintenance services to numerous businesses and residents in the community, he is as passionate as he is energetic (or maybe just the sugar/caffeine).

Future of Technology prediction: Widespread Drone Delivery/Mail