Do you have a KCTC email address you rarely use?
Have you been thinking of switching to an email service like Gmail, or Office to get extra features?
If you said YES to either of these questions, here’s how we can help!
Thirty years ago when email was first offered it was much different than it is today. Email has become unsupportable in the current business climate. There are many free email services that do a better job of spam filtering and sorting messages than KCTC.
Our tech experts can help you set up a new email account, or if you already have another email we can help you streamline and transfer your emails and contacts into one, making things easier for you.
To get started we will help you set up a new email address, move your emails, and contacts.
In the future, this service will come with a labor charge so ACT NOW to take advantage while we are able to offer this assistance for FREE.