Geoff Hyson
IT administrator

ME. Myself. & I.

A little about Geoff

Geoff moved to Kalona in 2002 and has worked at KCTC since 2003 and is an avid fan of all things internet. As KCTC’s system administrator Geoff says “I like making the internet work.”. To newcomers in the area, Geoff likes to point out that KCTC staff lives in the community and we care about the quality of service we provide to our community, a big difference than what someone would be used to in a large metropolitan area.

“I appreciate being part of a team that cares about each other and the quality of our work and our services. I’ve seen the end of dial-up, two types of DSL, and one type of fiber in my time at KCTC and I am excited for what the future holds.” says Hyson.

Geoff believes privacy will continue to become an increasingly important issue on the web and other internet connected services. We will continue to see growing efforts to encrypt and protect all sorts of internet traffic and hopefully legislation like the GDPR in Europe that will regulate how personal information is handled by companies.

Something about Geoff that he thinks others won’t know?
I consider the Kalona Volunteer Fire Department Pancake Breakfast the true first day of spring.

Anything else you want to add?

Don’t panic.