Hidden Google Features

You’ve probably been using the Google for years to navigate your favorite websites. But did you know that Google has many different hidden tricks? Here are our top 5 fun things you can make Google do:

1) Flip a coin or roll a die

This is probably one of the most useful tricks you can type into your Google search. If you enter “flip a coin” Google will actually flip a coin and show you the result of the flip. If you enter “roll a die” it will roll a six-sided die and display that number it lands on.

2) Atari breakout

If you do a search in Google Images for “atari breakout”, the search results will transform the images into an actual brick game. You can use your mouse or arrow keys to control the paddle. When the game is finished Google will display your score and give you the option to share it on Google+.

3) Do a barrel roll

Everyone knows about this trick, if you Google “do a barrel roll” in the search bar, the entire page will actually will do a 360 flip.

4) Google gravity

Although this is a 3rd party application, it’s still fun to watch all of your search results come crashing down. You can even interact with all of the little pieces by clicking and dragging them around with your mouse. Click here and try it out for yourself.

5) Google in 1998

When you do a Google search for “Google in 1998” it will load a very outdated Google search engine. Google was founded in 1998 which is why when you enter it in the search it brings up an exact replica of the original search page.