Windows 10 lock screen pictures

Microsoft did a great job making an eye catching Windows 10 lock screen. Before you press enter to log into your account it always displays very unique and cool looking pictures. But have you ever wondered how you can access those pictures? Well we figured out how to find them.

Start by going to Local Disk (C:) on your file explorer. Once you’re clicked onto the C drive you will need to copy and paste the following line in your directory path:


Once you press enter it should start to bring up all files used for the lock screen images. The files won’t have thumnail previews or file extensions, so they will not be usable images yet.

You can either add “.jpeg” at the end of each file or we can show you how to run a batch file that will rename them all at once.
To rename all of the images at the same time start by copying all of the files into a new folder that will be easy to access. Then copy the file path and open the Command Prompt window.
On the Command Prompt Window, type in cd [file path] and then press enter. Once it finds the file path you can type ren * *.jpg and press enter.

Now if you go back to the folder you stored all of those images in, they should now be jpeg image files.

The Easy Way

There is a much easier way to do this of course. The Microsoft Store has a free app called Dynamic Theme that will allow to to edit and save the lock screen images.