There are a few ways to recover lost data, but in some cases there can be instances that data can’t be recovered.

  • One way to recover can be from the recycle bin. In some cases things stay in the recycle bin unless you permantely remove it from the recycle bin.
  • Sometimes you can find files in file history as well.
  • Also you can recover data from either a local or cloud based backup.

Which brings us to the best practices to prevent data loss from occuring.

  • Firstly is to back up data locally either to a server, external drive, NAS or flashdrive.
  • Next would be backing up the data to the cloud whether that would be onedrive or what we at KCTC recommend Carbonite cloud backup.
  • If you want to gurantee that you will have your data the most secure possible it is recommended to have a local and cloud backups just in case one of those backups fails there will be a failsafe.

Here is a link to Intels article on How To Recover Deleted Files.