How to set up your voicemail account

Before you can make full use of E-voice, KCTC’s new voicemail system, you will need to set up your account by calling 656-MAIL(6245) from your own telephone. When prompted, enter the PIN# 0000.

First time sign-in involves three steps:

  1. you must change your PIN
  2. you must record your name
  3. you must choose a greeting to play to callers

You may skip first-time sign-in once by pressing the * key twice, but after skipping it once, you must complete the setup the next time you call in.

Changing your PIN

First, to secure your account, you must set up a new PIN.

  1. Enter a new PIN, pressing # when finished.
  2. Confirm the new PIN by re-entering it and pressing # when finished.
  3. Next, you are prompted to record your name. Record your name and press # when finished.

Choosing a greeting

Once you have successfully recorded your name, you are prompted to select a greeting. You can use a number of different types of greeting.

  • To record a personal greeting, press 1. Record your personal greeting, and press # when finished.
  • To use a system-generated greeting that announces your recorded name, press 2.
  • To use a system-generated greeting that reads out your phone number, press 3.
  • To use a system-generated greeting that neither announces your name nor reads out your phone number, press 4.

An announcement plays back your selected greeting.

  • To record or select a different greeting, press 1.
  • To save it and use it as your greeting, press #.

This is the last step in setting up your mailbox. Once you have finished, you are transferred to the Main Menu.