Jacob Slaubaugh

Installations & IT support technician


A little about JACOB

Jacob has lived in Kalona all of his life. A graduate from Mid-Prairie and Kirkwood for Computer Software Development. In his free time you can usually find him golfing, crafting something in the garage or building a new computer (that he probably doesn’t need). Frequently, he will be found throughout the community giving his time and efforts where needed.

Something he doesn’t believe most people know about him, “A lot of what I know how to do, I have learned from YouTube. (Working on cars, fixing stuff around the house and learning about new technology)”

What Jacob enjoys most about working at KCTC is getting to use new technology and learning something new every single day. “It seems like there are endless opportunities at this company. Not only does KCTC provide extremely good and reliable service to the community but they give back, I believe KCTC does a ton for our community by supporting and participating in local events.”, Jacob says.

The cooperative benefits greatly from the passionate staff who make up KCTC. Jacob is testament to that fact as he is always trying to stay ahead and quickly adapt to new technology that will make lives easier. KCTCs success is built on everyone working together. “Everyone is willing to help each other out even in unique situations. I think we make a great team to provide support for technology to the community.” He stated before sharing what he is most proud of accomplishing, “I am most proud of building the new KCTC website. A lot of time, effort and learning went into it and I am happy with how it turned out.”.