Jason Miller
Installations & support technician

Kind, Loyal, Trustworthy.

A little about JASON

Jason grew up just out side of Kalona and lived here all but 2 years of his life. Those 2 years where spent volunteering at a camp in New York, which is where I met his wife Amber. They now raise their three beautiful children in Kalona. He is often found helping a neighbor seeking assistance or home stretching the limitations of tech gadgets, getting them to do different things that I think that are useful things, even though they were not originally advertised to do so.

At KCTC you may have seen him in his role as a service installer. Jason enjoys being invited into the different beautiful homes and installing service without any noticeable change. He is passionate about respecting homes and ensuring that new services are kept tidy and  nonintrusive. As a cooperative, KCTC offers community residents something that cannot be found in a traditional service provider. Jason has five distinct reasons someone would want to become a member;

“1. You pay less over time.

2. Same day service if you happen to have an issue, even after business hours.

3. Better quality of service throughout the whole house with Managed WiFi.

4. You are supporting your own community invests the community and employees volunteer

their time as well.

5.Cleaner installs, wires and fiber are almost always hidden.”

From every walk of life in all age ranges KCTC is a great place to work according to Jason. ”We all come together to make a great team, helping someone when they need it, and pulling together when thing get really busy. This kind of teamwork is possible since we have meetings each week to discuss the good and what could be better.” During his time here, he is most proud of becoming known as one of the security camera experts and had this to add to anyone considering applying to work for KCTC, “I would encourage anyone who has a passion for technology come work for KCTC, you would be part of a great team.”

A future technology prediction: Soon we will all be riding in driverless cars and our homes will be able to take care of themselves.