Julie Gingerich
KCTC Sales & Support

Positive. helpful. organized.

A little about Julie

Julie lives in Kalona with her husband and many fur babies. A native to the community, they love antiquing, going to flea markets, and doing projects in their old home. Mostly, they enjoy saving old things and giving something purpose again.

Julie likes traveling to new places. The Magnolia Market in Waco, TX is her version of Disneyland and her other favorite place to travel is Maine – when she wins the lottery, we’ll be able to find her there! 

Something about her that you may not know, when she was younger, Julie and her dad participated in historical reenactments. Think mountain man and French and Indian War eras. These were weekend events – once or twice a year and there were week-long events. One of the week-long events was in the mountains in Colorado where she got over altitude sickness. During these events they would wear historically accurate attire, live in canvas lodges or teepees, and prepared meals over a campfire. Some of the activities included black powder rifle shooting contests, tomahawk throws, foods and goods for sale or trade, flint knapping, games for the kids – there was even a blacksmith that had a portable forge. Some of her very best memories! 

Julie’s favorite aspects of her position at KCTC include training new employees and providing support to coworkers, planning and organizing KCTC events, brainstorming and working on new products, services, and promotions. 

Julie believes KCTC is the best provider in the area because; “We’re all fiber. Not many providers in the state or even the country can say that. Because we have fiber optic we’re able to provide excellent service and fast internet speeds. We’re local. that means we can provide same-day service with help provided by a KCTC employee, we work and live in our own community so we understand your needs better, and we give back to our community in many ways and try to be a good neighbor.”, states Julie.

Julie is most proud of all the time and hard work spent planning and preparing for events that is well spent when customers have a great time and we can give back to our community.