Kyle Larson



Wife: Melanie, 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

I enjoy officiating different sports, I have been an ice hockey official for 22 years and work professional leagues and I also officiate High School football.

I am a member of the back office. I do installations, splice fiber, and on call support. I can be an intimidating person but really I am a big teddy bear.

You will love KCTC! The customer support is second to none! We value every customer.  My passion is to do a good job and provide quality to the community. The small business atmosphere is very family like and I enjoy being a part it.

I came to the company with very little experience in the field and l am proud to have found a place in the team.

This is an exciting area, as quickly as technology changes it is difficult to see what the future holds but you can trust that KCTC will adapt with it.