Ray Fear

Faith.   Family.   Relationships.


When not working at KCTC, Ray loves spending time with his Wife, Alex and three daughters. Typical activities include hunting, Fishing & golfing.

I am passionate about my family and my golf game. My girls are getting old enough to spend time with me on the course and it is great to see Golf grow into a family affair.

Currently serving on the Pekin School Board, Ray supports our community and kids through service on the school Board and its challenges but Ray believes its worth it to see things head in the right direction.

At KCTC Ray’s favorite part is seeing everyone’s individual hard work translate into personal growth but also KCTC team/company success.

KCTC is locally staffed in multiple locations throughout the corridor and this enables them to serve customers locally, quickly, and efficiently. We truly care about each customer because they are our neighbors. 

Enjoying the chance to be involved in multiple areas of the business, Ray doesn’t like to be in a rut of  doing the same thing day in and  day out and finds KCTC allow its employees to be a part of all sorts of things inside the company.

An accomplishment he is thankful for was his role in bringing two companies together and is excited to get more and more on track to best serve our customers and employees each week.

Looking into the future Ray believes technology will continue to accelerate faster and faster and a local company, able to assist people to get the most out of these advancements as experts, will be needed more and more.