We are proud to announce: Farmtel Communications  from Wayland, Iowa is now part of the KCTC Family!


Hear the great news

from KCTC & Farmtel Staff!

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Who are the companies involved in the acquisition?
Kalona Cooperative Technology Company has acquired Farmtel Communications.
What is the purpose of this acquisition?

By combining our entities we really enhance our footprint and the impact we can have on the communities we serve. Combining our staff and their talents allows for more services to be provided to an even bigger coverage area. This will serve as a benefit to staff, current customers, and future customers!

How will this acquisition affect customers?
For our existing customers this will offer potential for upgrades in speeds and pricing, enhanced service quality with a combined staff, and expanded package options.  This will also offer many opportunities for potential customers as combining our resources will give many opportunities for growth.
Will my current broadband plan be affected?
Existing plans and pricing will not change without customer contact. Through this acquisition we will have more resources available in our plans and pricing which will allow for us to offer some plans the opportunity to be migrated to new plans.
Will there be any changes to customer support and service locations?
Customer support and accessibility to our staff will not change. Combining our staff will only allow for growth in customer service, service centers and support channels.
What are the benefits of this acquisition for customers?
The benefits of this acquisition for our customers is huge. Growth and expansion will offer our customers a multitude of benefits such as improved network performance, expanded coverage, and access to many new services.
Will my monthly bill change as a result of the acquisition?
Your billing will look the same for now and over the coming months the branding on the bills and the look will change. Our staff will do our best to keep all of our customers informed of the changes and when and what to expect. No pricing changes will occur without customer contact.
How will the acquisition impact employees of both companies?
We are very excited for the potential this will have for our staff. The endless opportunities this will open for our employees and their roles will give benefits such as job security, potential relocation and growth in restructuring.
What is the timeline for completing the acquisition?
We plan to have the initial phase of the acquisition completed in late October with the final pieces falling into place after the first of the year.
How will the acquisition affect shareholders and stockholders?

The shares of Farmers and Merchants Telephone Company will be paid out by Communications Network, Inc a wholly owned subsidiary of KCTC. There will be no shares issued under KCTC. Shareholders with additional questions should seek advice and value from their legal counsel.

What steps are being taken to ensure a smooth transition for customers and employees?
We have taken steps to ensure a smooth transition during this acquisition. Our customers and employees alike are our greatest assets and we have kept them at the forefront of all decisions and changes made.
Will there be any changes to the company's branding or name?
We will remain KCTC. Farmtel is a known and beloved company and we are honored to have their staff and community become part of the new KCTC Family!
How can customers provide feedback or ask additional questions about the acquisition?
All feedback regarding this acquisition can be directed to our great team of Customer Support Staff. Give us a call today, 319-656-3668 or 319-256-2736, or contact us here.
How will the staff combine? Will everyone stay?

We are excited that all the staff will remain employed by KCTC!

How is pricing determined with both companies coming together?

The price was agreed upon by both Farmers and Merchants and KCTC board
of directors. The price was determined by an assessment of the current assets
and liabilities of Farmers and Merchants.

How did this acquisition come to happen?

This relationship started many years ago as a friendship and the developing of
sharing ideas. Then in October of 2022 the KCTC Board of Directors signed the first
letter of intent. There were many changes and adjustments and the final approval
was given by KCTC board in April of 2023 and Farmtel’s board on May 12, 2023. The remaining time has been in the hands of the FCC and waiting on their approval.