Iowa Weather Tool

If you’re thinking about traveling in Iowa’s wintery weather consider checking out this website!

This website is a great way to see what road conditions are like. You can pull up dash cams that are mounted on snow plows and view the current road conditions. This website will also pull up traffic accidents, construcion areas, resting area info and much more!

How to use the website for view road conditions and dash cams:

1) Type in in your internet browser or click on the link

2) Under the PLOW INFO section, click on the snowplow locations and photos link.

3) To bring up the legend for road conditions click on Legend in the bottom right
4) To view a specific road condition click on an arrow or camera icon to bring up a picture of the current road conditions
5) From there you can click on specific cameras to enlarge the photo
6) This website also has other tools you can look at like traffic accidents, rest area informaton and road construction areas. You can find these different tools on a menu on the side of your map page.