5 Useful keyboard shortcuts

1) Bring Back A Closed Tab

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab and then realized your weren’t done with that webpage? This extremely useful keyboard shortcut will bring back your most recently closed tabs. It works with almost every web browser.

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + T
Mac: Command + Z

2) Switch Between Open Programs

This keyboard shortcut will allow you to switch between any open program.

Windows: Alt + Tab
Mac: Command + Tab

3) Minimize All Open Windows

If you have a lot of open windows and programs running, this shortcut will minimize everything to the taskbar. This is really useful if you’re trying to get to your desktop.

Windows: Windows Key + M
Mac: Command + Alt + M

4) Undo Anywhere

One of the most used keyboard shortcuts you can find and it works on most programs.

Windows: Windows Key + M
Mac: Command + Alt + M

5) Maximize Current Window

This shortcut will allow you to change the size of a window so that it fills up your entire screen.The shortcut is only setup for windows, for mac you will have to adjust your settings.

Windows: Windows Key + Up Arrow